Your Invaluable Unicycle Resource

Is your dream to ride a unicycle as a hobby and passion? Or maybe just to impress your friends?

Unicycling - a great hobby…a superb way to stay in shape…and most importantly, a whole lot of fun!


This is a complete resource about unicycling that is a one stop, all-inclusive package that will teach you about:

  • Choosing what to Buy
  • How to Ride
  • Some Tricks
  • Professional Riders
  • And more!

That’s just the start of a never ending list. By the time you're through with a few pages on this site, you will be an expert on the subject!

New to Riding?

Learn how to ride like a pro! It's a great place to start! Visit our Instructions page and start your unicycling career off right.

Who rides these days?

Not just clowns and circus gurus ride unicycles these days! Everyday people like you and me also ride. Unicycling is a growing sport and hobby. Because of this, more and more people are picking up unicycling!

And the truth is, you don't need to be a circus geek to be able to ride one either! Anyone can ride a unicycle!

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How to Ride a Unicycle
Want to get started? Learn how to ride a unicycle with these techniques.
Unicycle Tricks
Learn some unicycle tricks after mastering basic riding! Here are some free ones to get you started.
Some History of the Unicycle
A look into a bit of the history of the unicycle when did it start, where has it come
How to Unicycle, Quick and Easy
Many people try to learn how to unicycle, but go about it the completely wrong way. Follow this step-by-step guide, and you'll be on your way to success.
Buying a Unicycle
buying a unicycle that's right for you, is hard work. Use this simple guide to help you choose.
Unicycle Riding Styles
Learn about the various unicycle riding styles from freestyle to trials to street.
Professional Unicyclists
Read about the many of today's popular professional unicyclists from Kris Holm to Shaun Johanneson.
Unicycle Fun n' Games
Fun! Contests! Games! Jokes! Pictures! And lots more! Unicycling fun for everyone to enjoy!
Submit a Unicycle Club or Unicyclist
The place to submit a club or yourself to be a part of the growing unicycle population!
Submit a Unicyclist
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