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Need some unicycling fun to spice up your day? Look no further. It's literally a virtual unicycle arcade! There's games, pictures, videos, contests, and more!

As our site continues to grow, the excitement gets even better! Got any ideas for things to do (related to unicycling, of course)? Feel free to contact us to share your ideas.

Unicyclists Ahead


What's more exciting than playing a couple of unicycle games? Nothing, of course! Test your virtual balance with these amusing games. Caution: These games can get addicting at times, so watch out. =].

Tip: use small movements in both games. They are a tad sensitive.


Move your mouse back and forth to stay on the unicycle. Press and hold down the space bar to fill up the jump meter and release to jump over those pesky juggling balls.

Unicycle Challenge Game

Youtube's Greatest Street Unicycling Video:

Think you've seen everything? Think again! Presenting...Shaun Johanneson...a great street unicycling video. Enjoy!

Songs about unicycling?

Who knew there would actually be songs about unicycles out there in the music world?! Guess what, they're really out there! Listen to songs about unicycling!

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