How to Ride a Unicycle

How to ride a unicycle - falling

Wondering how to ride a unicycle? Does the image at the left represent what happens when you try to unicycle? If so, look no further. Everything you need to get started can be found on this page.

So maybe you've been trying to learn how to unicycle for the past month or so. Have you been getting anywhere? "No," you answer.

This might mean that you need a new technique for learning.

Or maybe you're a brand new unicyclist, and want some tips on how to get started. Same solution as above - read and try some of the techniques for learning below to find the one that fits and helps you learn the fastest.

If you try one of the ways below to learn, and it's producing little to no results, switch to a new technique.

Okay, let's go onto Technique #1...

Technique #1 How to Ride a Unicycle

This is probably the easiest way to learn for most. Although I didn't learn this way, I have seen it produce results...

1. Have two friends stand on either side of you. Get up on the unicycle and grab a hold of both your friends on either side, by putting your arms around their shoulders.

2. Sit up straight. Put your weight on the seat, not the pedals. Get the feel of the unicycle by rocking back and forth. Get the pedals level so you are in complete control over the unicycle.

3. Start to pedal forwards, as your friends move with you. Go slow and steady. Try to stay atop the unicycle for as long as possible.

4. Once you get the hang of this, switch to holding your friends' wrists.

5. This time, hold on to only one of your friends' wrists.

6. Now, go back to two friends. But, only use their support to help you get on. When you're ready, start going forward holding onto your friends, and then let go of both your friends.

7. Continue doing this, one attempt right after another, and you'll start to get farther every time.

Reminders: Steps 1-5 should be done in about 10-15 minutes...

Technique #2 – How to Ride a Unicycle

This technique for learning is to learn on your own. This is how I learned how to ride a unicycle. It may have taken a bit longer, but it worked.

I actually learned inside my house, going from counter to counter for awhile. When winter passed, I finally took it outside for the first time.

To me, it would have been better to start learning outside in the first place, and not learn by going from counter to counter, but you can't change the past. (But hey! I did it myself).

So, here's Technique #2, the one that I used.

1. Go to a sturdy object, such as a shed or the side of your house. Hold onto the object with both hands and mount the unicycle.

2. After mounting, rock back and forth to get a feel for the unicycle.

3. Align the pedals horizontally with your dominant foot forward.

4. Slowly pedal forwards. As you move along the object, continue to hold on with both hands.

5. Do this until you are comfortable.

6. Switch to holding onto the object with only one hand.

7. After you are comfortable with riding alongside the object while holding on, hold on at first and then let go. See how far you can ride without holding on.

8. Once you can do the whole length of the object, try riding away from the object, instead of alongside it.

9. Continue to ride like this, and you will gain distance almost every time you work at it.

Whatever you do, work to have FUN! The payoff will be worth it. And of course, once you’ve mastered riding, we’ll help you learn some unicycle tricks.

"Learning to ride a unicycle is 60% determination, 35% persistence (not giving up), and 5% sense of balance."-- John Foss

See? Even John Foss, a professional unicyclist, agrees. Having amazing balance to learn how to unicycle is most definitely not required. I know, for one, that I don't have the best balance ever. I still occasionally trip and fall while. But, put me on a unicycle and I can still ride it.

Anyone can learn how to unicycle...including you!

A next step would be to learn to free mount your unicycle?

Once you've mastered riding, you're free to do whatever you want, within reason of course. You can now learn to idle and even do more advanced things such as learning to hop.

But be careful, you do not want to go right into advanced tricks before mastering the basics, which yes, includes plain ol' riding.

Most of all? Have FUN while learning how to ride a unicycle!

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