How to Unicycle Tips

As you learn how to unicycle, the best advice for you? Don't give up! Giving up is, by far, the only way you can really fail. If you don't give up, you will ride a unicycle.

"Learning to ride a unicycle is 60% determination, 35% persistence (not giving up), and 5% sense of balance."-- John Foss

Don't Give Up
See? Even John Foss, a professional unicyclist, agrees. Having amazing balance to learn how to unicycle is most definitely not required. I know, for one, that I don't have the best balance ever. I still occasionally trip and fall when walking or even fall out of a chair sometimes. But, put me on a unicycle and I can still ride it.

Anyone can learn how to unicycle...including you!

All you have to do is follow these simple techniques with enough effort and determination.

What if you rather learn to free mount before learning how to unicycle? That's perfectly fine. But if your like most, you probably will want to learn how to ride first.

Once you've mastered riding, you're free to do whatever you want, within reason of course. You can now learn to idle and even do more advanced things such as learning to hop.

But be careful, you do not want to go right into advanced tricks before mastering the basics, which yes, includes plain ol' riding.

Take your time, and go at your own pace. Keep this in mind, too - "Slow and steady wins the race..."

"No brakes, no handles, no limits." --Anonymous

Once you have mastered riding, you may not be able to do much. This might discourage you as, to some people, just riding up and down a road gets boring. But keep at it! Everything takes practice, yes, including unicycling.

If you are the organized type of person, then the IUF Skill Levels are for you! You can use it as a model to aid you in learning various new skills.

You can also use the Skill Levels to track how far or fast you're proceeding with learning to unicycle.

What if you only focused on learning how to unicycle forwards? Once you master that, what can you do? Only ride forwards. Unless you only wanted to go in a straight line, this is not completely good. You should learn to turn while you learn to ride forward, too.

You might be wondering "Is unicycling dangerous?". Here's a simple answer to that question -Unicycling is only as dangerous as you make it. If you do advanced things, then the "danger level" rises. On the other hand, if you only want to ride, that's not too dangerous at all.

The truth is, unicycling is only dangerous when you exceed your limitations. For example, when you're just learning a brand new trick, like a crank flip, it could be dangerous at first, but once you get the hang of the crank flip, it becomes second-nature to you. And then, guess what, its not dangerous at all!

If you are worried about unicycling being dangerous because you don't want to get hurt, there is an easy solution - safety gear!

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