Kris Holm - a unicycle legend

If you're into unicycling, you've heard of Kris Holm before. He is one of the world’s most experienced mountain unicyclists and is the best-known unicyclist in history.

Kris started unicycling way back in 1986. He is the founder of unicycle trials and was the 1999 North American, 2002 World, and 2005 European unicycle trials champion. He also held the unicycle side hop world record from 1998 - 2004.

Kris has ridden in 14 countries that offered challenging terrain. Of these include:

  • summit of the highest mountain in Central America (13,780 feet)

  • summit of the 3rd highest mountain in North America (18,701 feet)

  • trade-routes across the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

  • on the Great Wall of China

  • descent of Licancabur (19,520 foot volcano in Bolivia)

He is often called the pioneer of mountain unicycling. He's the one that really brought it out and popularized it. Some ways he did this was through films, television, and magazine features.

FACT: He has appeared in over 200 international media features since 1998, including numerous television features and 13 films that have screened at festivals in over 30 countries.

Films that Kris Appears In:

Some films that the Legend appears in are:
  • One Tired Guy

  • Into The Thunder Dragon

  • Universe

  • Universe 2

  • Defect

  • New World Disorder

FACT: Kris is featured in the 2007 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book, and has previously been featured on the Ripley’s television show, in a 2001 Ripley’s book, and in a Ripley’s cartoon.

Kris Holm has his own business that produced unicycles for the hardcore rider. Started in 1998, it now provides top of the line unicycles all over the world.

Aside from unicycling and running his business, Kris works for an engineering consulting firm as a geoscientist specializing in geohazard and risk assessment. He lives with his wife in Vancouver, Canada.

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