Today's Professional Unicyclists

Unicycling isn't just a casual hobby - professional unicyclists make a living out of it. It's these people that live and breathe unicycles.

Downhill UniIt takes a lot to become a pro unicyclist. You need to have a bunch of skill with your unicycle and have the determination to be the best you can be.

All pros have worked so hard to get to where they are at now. They compete in competitions across the world and even do charity events. Being a professional isn't all about making money by unicycling, either. A professional also does volunteer things, such as performing at community events.

Even though pros do make money by using their skill in competitions, they just are doing what they love to do the most - unicycle.

Notable unicyclists are:

  • Kris Holm

  • Dustin Kelm

  • Shaun Johanneson

  • John Foss

  • Xavier Collos

  • Ryan Atkins

  • Dan Heaton

  • Jeff Groves

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