Riding Styles

Ever wonder what different riding styles of unicycling are? Find out now! Below is a list of styles of unicycling and a description of each. Hopefully the list will help you choose what style is best for you!


This is the most basic style of unicycling. It's simply just riding around having fun, not really doing any tricks in particular. You can do this style of riding easily with a friend that also unicycles and, although not complicated, is rather fun!

In fact, not too long ago, most unicycles were produced for this category. Basic, cheap unicycles, such as the Torker CX, are used.


Freestyle is just a lot of stuff mixed together - advanced skills, tricks, and stunts. The sky is the limit with this riding style.


Trials unicycling is focused on riding over obstacles and hopping. Trial unicyclists are very good at landing drops and jumping up onto tall objects such as stacked palettes.

For trials unicycling, you need to have a sturdy and strong unicycle because of the constant wear of hopping and landing big drops.


In street, riders use simple objects such as curbs, ledges, handrails, and stairs to perform a various amount of tricks such as crank flips.

Mountain (Muni):

Mountain unicycling is when a rider unicycles on rough terrain such as on trails. Trails for bikes offer the same for mountain unicycling, too.

The rider needs to have full concentration while muni-ing. If he doesn't, he could run over a small rock or something similar and fall to an injury.

Commuting / Touring

Commuting or touring involves mostly long distance riding. 28-36" unicycles are used and speeds up to 20mph can be achieved. Commuting or touring on a unicycle can be a lot of fun, but also be prepared to become sore after awhile!

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