I Don't Need Any Safety Gear,
I Never Fall...

"SAFETY GEAR?! Yeah right! I never fall!" you explain.

You might think that you'll never fall, but honestly, you will eventually. It happens to everyone, no matter your skill or ability.

If you're like me, you won't like getting cuts and bruises. There's nothing like going outside for a nice unicycle ride, and when the next morning comes, you're black and blue all over! I mean seriously, who wouldn't just love that? Not me!

Is there a way to prevent those bumps and lumps from happening? Of course! There's a solution for everything! Use safety gear if you do not like those painful moments of a unicyclist's life!

I remember when I was learning to unicycle, I would constantly fall off or miss the pedal when free mounting. I finished the day off by coming inside with those dreadful cuts and bruises.

I did not have safety gear when I was first starting out. Now that I look back at it, I sure wish I did!

Now, what exactly am I talking about? What safety gear? There's a lot of products you can buy to protect yourself from injury.

Unicycle Safety
Take a look at the cartoon guy on the right. He is wearing all of his safety gear. He is wearing...

These items will protect him from getting hurt, and best of all, they will boost his confidence level a lot. This is because he feels safer than without all the gear on, allowing him to do more difficult things that he would not normally do without the protection.


A helmet is a form of protective gear that is worn on top of your head. It protects your head from falls where your head might hit the ground. Helmets are sometimes real life savers.

Although riding a unicycle is actually safer than riding a bike, for reasons I'll explain a little bit later, a helmet should still be worn to be safe.

Elbow Guards

Elbow guards are worn on your arms and mainly protect your elbows from getting scrapes when you fall on your arms. Some elbow guards go all the way down to your wrist's, protecting your wrists also.

Not all of the elbow guards do this, though, and might only cover your elbow.


Gloves are used to protect your hands from getting injured. They cover all of your hand and are very useful when your hands hit the ground during a fall.

Whenever I have a serious fall, I almost always end up scraping my hands when I'm not using my gloves. This is because it is natural to put out your hand to help stop the fall from hurting other places. This makes your hand the most vulnerable to hitting the ground and getting cut.

When you hop on your unicycle, you are constantly holding a seat handle. It is easily possible to get a blister on your hand, just from hopping. Gloves prevent that from ever happening.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are worn on your legs. They will either go from a little above your ankle to above you knee or slightly below your knee.

To me, these are the most useful protective gear a unicyclist could have. Why? Because getting hit in the leg with your pedal does happen quite often.

Also, when you fall your legs are very vulnerable to getting cuts and scrapes, especially on your knees. How do you prevent this? Wear shin guards!

Unicycling shin guards are special, in that they go around your whole leg, not just the front like normal soccer shin guards, for say. This gives the back of your legs protection from getting hit by the pedal, too.

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