Unicycle Tips for More Advanced Tricks

Ready for advanced unicycle tips and tricks? Now that you have masters the basics of riding a unicycle, you will no doubt want to learn more unicycle tricks. There are plenty of easy tricks that you can learn to do, you just need to stay focused and remember that practice is everything. Practice makes perfect so be sure to get on that cycle each day. Now, let's get started on some new tricks.


Unicycle jump and spin
One of the easiest of tricks to learn is called spinning. In order to do this trick you will need to have mastered being able to keep your balance and to control what direction you want to go. Once you have these down then you can practice spinning off of different things. This trick looks very impressive when done right so you will want to practice this move a bit so you can master it quickly.

You can do a spinning trick without having to know how to idle. The trick is to aim for something while riding along. You may want to look for something like a light pole. Keep an eye as to where your wheel is when you come up on the pole. You want the middle of the wheel to be just past the post. Then you reach behind you slightly and grab the post while you lock the wheel. Lastly, use your arm to swing you around the post at 360 degrees.

While this is an easy trick to do, you must get to a speed that you feel good with when you do the spin so make sure that you practice this move to get it down right. You may find that you will be spinning around too fast or even too slow when you first start out but this will get better the more you get used to it.

Can Crusher

If you really want to impress the younger crowd and get a good laugh from family and friends then you can do the motorbike-emulation trick. All you need is a little skill and an empty can of soda. For this trick you will need to fine tune your aim so that you can place the can a little ways in front of you and ride right over the can. You will get the hang of this in no time at all with a little practice but you may need quite a few cans to use while you get this trick down pat.

Other Tricks and Unicycle Tips

Another easy way to impress people while on a unicycle is to be able to do different things while on it. Just simple things such as eating, putting on a jacket or fixing your hair can impress people. All of these things are simple to do but require a steady hand and practice to be able to do them while you are on a unicycle.

Tall Unicycles

Many people that ride unicycles love to ride on ones that are 5 to 6 feet tall. This may sound hard but actually it is relatively easy and looks very impressive too. If you think about it, you are actually safer on one at this height as you have a few more seconds when you fall to prepare for the landing and most likely land on your feet. This lessons your risk for injury and makes for quite a show.

Final Unicycle Tips

One important thing to remember when riding your unicycle is to keep your balance on the saddle. If you are not on there correctly, you will find that you are wobbling around and you will be very unsteady.

All of the above tricks are very simple to perform when you have the basics down. You need to devote a certain amount of time to practicing so these simple tricks will become second nature for you. Then you will be able to move on to more difficult tricks. Just be sure that you don't try to get into doing things that you are not ready for. Start with the easiest ones first then move on to the next one on the list.

Riding on your unicycle is something that can provide fun for you as well as your friends and family when they watch you in action. Who knows, maybe you can come up with a few tricks of your own as you get more and more confident on your unicycle.

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